The Process of Marrification

| February 8, 2014

  “I’d rather you not touch my shower towel, okay?” I quizzically glanced at my new husband, Ted. My freshly washed hands frozen in mid-air, just inches from his towel. Was he being serious? After all, he did have dry humor down to an art. This wouldn’t be the first time he’d fooled me into […]

Matt Walsh: I wasn’t ready for marriage

| February 8, 2014

You can’t possibly understand the reality of marriage — the joy, the commitment, the love, the anger, the pain, the hope, the fulfillment, the excitements, the banalities, the journey, the sacrifices, the rewards, the journey — until you’re in it. Same can be said for parenthood, only more so. How many people have been scared away […]

Matt Walsh: I’ve been divorced four times, but homosexuals are the ones destroying marriage

| February 4, 2014

Last night, someone emailed and asked me to write about the gay marriage case inVirginia. This morning, a woman from Wisconsin asked if I would blog about the gay marriage case in her state. A few readers in Utah have also requested that I chime in on the gay marriage fight there. And so I was going to do just that. I sat […]

Why We Should Encourage Our Kids to Marry Young

| January 30, 2014

Occasionally someone ventures outside the cultural marriage norms and makes the case for getting married young, but generally, it’s ingrained deep within us all that there’s an acceptable age to marry,  and to do so before that is unwise. But is it? We admit there’s an epidemic of adults who are over-sized children though the full […]

The War on the Word Marriage

| January 25, 2014

It’s hard to believe that this is even an argument in support of the the homosexual movement. Logically the argument is a cat chasing it’s own tail. There’s no need for homosexuals to fight for a right that is already granted. Homosexuals already have the right to marry, that is marry heterosexually, according to the defined […]

Save Up To Marry or Marry To Save Up?

| January 22, 2014

Data suggests “married couples seem to build more wealth on average than singles or cohabiting couples. Why might it matter if marriage fades among working and middle class Americans? Even though marriages are not guaranteed to last, healthy marriage relationships do promote human flourishing. Marriage successfully integrates emotional intimacy, parental responsibility and economic cooperation into […]

Encourage marriage for the sake of children: Top judge’s advice

| January 21, 2014

A drive to persuade couples to marry rather than simply live together would help combat high break-up rates among cohabitees, a report said. It also called for state spending to concentrate on families with young children, because this is the time when family relationships are under the greatest pressure and have the highest chance of […]

How To Save Your Marriage From An Axe Murderer

| January 9, 2014

We have cre­ated a world that has lit­tle account­abil­ity, easy access, secrecy, and vir­tual iden­ti­ties. We can be who­ever we want to be when we are online. And it can prove to be very dan­ger­ous for us. The other day, I received a pri­vate mes­sage through my Face­book account from a man who was one […]

Marriage and Economic Well Being: The Economy of the Family Rises or Falls with Marriage

| January 5, 2014

Patrick F. Fagan, Andrew J. Kidd and Henry Potrykus Executive Summary The economic well-being of the United States is strongly related to marriage, which is a choice about how we channel our sexuality. The implications of sexual choices are apparent when comparing family structures across basic economic measures such as employment, income, net worth, poverty, […]

Book on ‘submissive wives’ becomes hit in Spain

| December 12, 2013

Members of Spanish trade union CCOO tear up sheets of paper printed with the cover of the book “Get Married and be Submissive,” by Italian author Costanza Miriano last month Photo: REUTERS Book that advises new wives “to be submissive” proves surprise success in Spain but angers feminists A book advising newly-wed women on how to […]

G. K. Chesterton: It’s Not Gay, and It’s Not Marriage

| November 25, 2013

One of the pressing issues of Chesterton’s time was “birth control.” He not only objected to the idea, he objected to the very term because it meant the opposite of what it said. It meant no birth and no control. I can only imagine he would have the same objections about “gay marriage.” The idea is […]

Embracing Courtship With An Open Heart And Mind

| October 18, 2013

I was raised as a child to wait and discover the spouse God had in store for me. I embraced the term courtship, and dreamed of the day that God would bring the right man in my life for me. But I ended up having a little bit different story than what the books portray as being […]

Courtship Resources for the 21st Century

| September 24, 2013

Family Reformation While the doctrine of salvation was being reformed during the sixteenth century, so was marriage, manhood, womanhood, courtship, child raising, fertility, abortion, and almost every area that touches family life. John Calvin never wrote a book on the family, but he touched off a family reformation. He was the instigator of a massive […]

Duggar Daughter’s Courtship Has Old-Fashioned Roots With a Tech-Savvy Twist

| September 23, 2013

Jessa and Ben have an unusual relationship by modern standards. They met at church and started to get to know one another, which is a normal “how “Courtship is not just about having fun,” added Michelle, 47. “You are really considering if this person could be your life partner — you pray about it and […]

Men and Women are not equal.

| September 2, 2013

Thanks, Matt Walsh. This is spot on: In the last couple of days I’ve been told a thousand times by a thousand different folks that feminism is simply “the belief that men and women are equal.” Then these same people will kindly inform me that I am a feminist, whether I think so or not. […]