3 Thoughts About Submission in Marriage

| January 13, 2014

I was working in my office with the TV on this past Friday when I heard an anchor passionately raising her voice. It turned out the all-women panel was discussing actress Candace Cameron Bure’s recent comments on HuffPost Live about her decision to live out biblical submission in her 17-year marriage to NHL hockey player […]

Why I’m Seeking Softness, Not Sameness

| January 6, 2014

From one of our favorites, Kelly Crawford at Generation Cedar It might seem like an odd trait to cultivate, but I’ve been thinking lately about how “softness” is missing in a lot of today’s women, why it’s a powerful trait, and why I’m purposing to become a softer woman. The pursuit of equality has robbed […]

Can Laid Back Men Lead?

| December 30, 2013

I got married as I was completing my doctorate in clinical psychology. I was one driven, serious woman on a mission to save the world. My husband, Mike, on the other hand, was far more laid-back. I was drawn to his fun-loving, “surfer-dude” nature—he helped me relax and enjoy life. But within the first year […]