Kids can do abstinence, data shows

| May 19, 2011

From Carolyn Moynihan over at Mercatornet: Those who insist on “safer sex” education for adolescents seem to assume two things: first, that nearly all teens will become sexually active, and second, that it doesn’t matter (they have a right to) so long as they take precautions against disease and pregnancy. Therefore, all teens should be […]

Part 2 of Beaches, Bikinis, and…Bibles?

| April 13, 2011

If you haven’t read Part 1, please click HERE first! Part 2 of Beaches, Bikinis, and…Bibles? By Carmon Friedrich Last night, I took my daughter to a movie that has been heavily promoted by Christian outlets (you can read a positive review by Focus on the Family’s PluggedIn Online here, along with some of their […]

Soul Surfer: Beaches, Bikinis, and…Bibles?

| April 13, 2011

The following review refers only to the Hollywood movie, Soul Surfer. It is not a critique of the real Bethany Hamilton, her testimony, or her ministry to others. Soul Surfer, the popular new movie produced by secular group TriStar Pictures, is all the rage this week. Heavily marketed to Christians, the film tells the dramatic […]

Why Do We Let Girls Dress Like That?

| March 24, 2011

The Wall Street Journal published a thought-provoking article this weekend, wondering out loud as to why today’s mothers-of-teenagers allow their daughters to dress and act like the Paris Hiltons of the world. With surprising honesty and clarity, the author admits that feminism might be to blame: “We are the first moms in history to have […]

From the Heart…the healing of my marriage

| March 21, 2011

Only ten years ago I would have thought the magazine Crowned With Silver was “behind the time” and “too old-fashioned” for my tastes. Now, however, I find it a source of nurturing to my God-given feminine role as wife and mother! When I married my husband 12 years ago, I had no idea what marriage […]

“Too much skin,girl. Too much skin”

| August 2, 2010

Here’s an article with some excellent reminders on why modesty is so important: Ladies and gentlemen, I exhort you to dress in such a way that does not capture anyone’s gaze, but actually gives others something else, besides your attire, to think about. Discretion is a godly trait. At times, it is better to exercise self-control, by […]

The Top Ten Reasons Modesty Gets a Yawn

| July 31, 2010

My family and I have had the privilege of hanging out with some unbelievably awesome single guys lately. A big  reason I say they are so awesome is that they actually care about winning the battle with lust. Most men gave up long ago. Titus talks about Cretans whose “god is their belly.” In our […]

The Proverbs Woman… no, not THAT one! (part 1)

| July 3, 2010

From Jess at Making Home (thanks, Kelly, for the recommendation!) If prompted to think of “the Proverbs Woman”, anyone who has read a handful of books, skimmed a few blogs, or heard a sermon or two aimed at Christian women will automatically call to mind the Proverbs 31 woman. Land investor, wise guru, accomplished seamstress, […]

Modesty-A Journey of the Heart Part 2

| June 30, 2010

What does it mean to dress modestly? As a teenager, I was made aware of a desire in some Christian circles to return to the modest dress. Modesty means different things to different people. There are those who feel certain colors are okay to wear but others are considered too flashy. Some only wears skirts […]

Modesty-A Journey of The Heart Part 1

| June 29, 2010

Have you ever stopped to think about how the clothes you wear affect those around you? The clothing you wear can be modest , appropriate, and tasteful, or it can be a temptation, embarrassing, uncomfortable, a distraction, grievous to the spirit, and offensive. Which way would you like to dress? Modesty, or the lack of […]

The Beauty of Chastity: What is Biblical Beauty? (Part 2)

| June 20, 2010

If you haven’t read Part 1 of The Beauty of Chastity begin HERE What is biblical beauty? Biblical beauty and how it pertains to chastity is often misunderstood. We seem to see one extreme attitude or the other. While one side appears to obsess over outward beauty, vainly (and often carelessly) taking pride in this […]

Skirt Giveaway from The Modest Mom!

| May 24, 2010

I don’t know about any of y’all, but the last time I was pregnant, I came out of the maternity store with a shell-shocked look on my face. It seemed everything was suffocatingly tight, too short, or too plunging. Forget about being comfortable while pregnant–I was supposed to look “hot” or at least “in” with […]

Pushing Back Against the Porn Invasion

| April 20, 2010

With many fourth-wave feminists in favor of pornography as “empowerment,” it’s baffling to figure out how to protest the stuff these days. Dozens of feminist blogs celebrate the “freedom” of pornography, leaving you to wonder what happened to the female brain this century. Thankfully, there are a lot of women out there (including feminists) who […]

Modesty and attractiveness

| April 20, 2010

You should not judge a book by its cover. That is true. And if you have time in the library to browse and read the back flap or half a chapter, you will often come home with an amazing book even though the cover didn’t really promise much. But how often do you have time […]

Helping an Immodest Sister in Christ

| April 19, 2010

I’d like to ask you for advice on how to answer a modesty issue that is occurring at our church. There is a single young woman who continually chooses to attend church in very risque outfits. This appears to be on purpose. She loves to flaunt herself in addition. Her parents and other siblings attend […]