Motherhood Is Application

| August 27, 2011

From Rachel Jankovic over at Desiring God: If I had to pick one word to describe motherhood, I think that word would be “transforming.” The days of a busy mother are made up of millions of transformations. Dirty children become clean, the hungry child fed, the tired child sleeping. Almost every task a mother performs […]

Feminists Have a Tantrum

| August 23, 2011

From Phyllis Schlafly’s latest column: The feminists are so accustomed to having their gender doctrines prevail in the courts, in the bureaucracy, in the media and in academia that they can’t deal with being told the truth, i.e., that their notions don’t make sense and are unfair to others, especially employers, husbands and fathers. Judge […]

Growth with a Purpose: Why Policymakers Should Grow the Family, Not Just GDP

| August 13, 2011

Robert W. Patterson of The Family in America has a fantastic, thought-provoking article up about how we cannot grow the economy without restoring marriage and the family first. Families produce wealth and grow nations. [W]hat does it mean to “grow” the economy? The growth that the typical American family wants to see is the kind […]

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…

| August 11, 2011

I was having a bad day.  You know the type of day: the children are getting into trouble, my back hurt, whatever I tidied was undone within three seconds flat, my youngest was teething, and I had not had nearly enough sleep in the last week.  All that on top of a family situation that […]

Why the Gender Gap Won’t Go Away. Ever.

| August 3, 2011

Kay Hymowitz turns her usual laser-sharp powers of research and deduction on a popular feminist myth that just won’t die–the wage gap: Early this past spring, the White House Council on Women and Girls released a much-anticipated report called Women in America. One of its conclusions struck a familiar note: today, as President Obama said […]

A Cultural Emergency

| July 4, 2011

It has become so apparent that even CBS Sunday Morning had to comment on the startling statistics. After decades of societal revolution and “gender equality,” even the workforce is beginning to pay the price. The latest labor statistics prove it. With unemployment hovering near double digits, husbands and fathers are finding themselves edged out of […]

Brazil Loses its Mothers

| May 21, 2011

From The Thinking Housewife: THIS ARTICLE in today’s New York Times about nannies in Brazil and their ability to claim higher and higher salaries is written in the seemingly non-judgmental style of most articles about the abandonment of home and children by modern mothers. In truth, the article is highly approving of the trend. The writer Alexei Barrionuevo says […]

Don’t Revere the Pioneer

| March 7, 2011

Well, isn’t that an intriguing title?  And maybe not exactly what you expect at LAF.  After all, are we not often accused of “living in the past” of “clinging to the past,” even?  So what could an article like this be doing here? Now, let me start by saying that this is not an article […]

The Shame of Fatigue

| March 7, 2011

Jasmine Baucham posted a wonderful piece over on Raising Homemakers: Because the way I’ve ordered my life is counter-intuitive to most Americans, those days when I’m tired, overwhelmed, or even a tad bit frustrated seem almost to condemn me. Why is that so? Why, if I was pulling a full course load at Columbia while […]

“Is feminism about justice and humanity, or just about women? “

| December 14, 2010

Interesting: When the women’s movement burst on the scene in the 1960s, leading feminists such as Betty Friedan stressed equality and focused on opportunities denied women. The movement’s leaders expected their reasoning, framed as a matter of justice and based on the principle of equal opportunity, would allow individual women to have the same choices […]

Redeeming Our Time as Daughters at Home

| November 30, 2010

What are practical ways we can redeem the years following the completion of our formal education and prior to marriage? How can we be extremely intentional as we prepare to be “keepers at home” (Titus 2:5); young women entering marriage capable of efficiently managing the affairs of our homes so that it can be said […]

Stay-at-Home Daughter Graduation

| November 22, 2010

Since I am approaching my “graduation” from stay-at-home daughterhood, as I will move on to my new career description as a stay-at-home wife in just a few months, I thought it would be beneficial to reflect on these past four years. The choice to live at home with one’s parents instead of going away to college or […]

Time Management 101: Stop Trying to “Do It All”

| November 2, 2010

From Crystal over at — one of the best posts we’ve ever read on being REALISTIC about how much we can do. Thank you, Crystal! In the past year, I’ve received numerous emails from women begging me for my “secrets” to time management. They ask me to please share how I manage to seemingly […]

Stitches~N~Hems Grand Opening

| October 9, 2010

Announcing the Grand Opening of Stitches~N~Hems. It’s the simple things that make life easier for you and baby! Specializing in nursing cover-ups, burp cloths, bibs, and crib sets. You can click here to visit this shop specializing in handmade items. You can also read about the shop owner’s story by clicking here. LAF is making efforts […]

@Home: A Frugal Momma’s Guide to Saving Money

| September 29, 2010

I wrote an e-book entitled @Home: A Frugal Momma’s Guide to Saving Money. It is my story of how I saved money in the home and was able to remain a keeper of the home against all odds.  The ideas in the book will help families trim their budgets and cut expenses, and it is […]