The Federalist: A Little Mother Prevents Big Brother

Posted By on June 11, 2016

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To know a mother’s love is to be known and to be human.

As all good totalitarians know, it is mothers—specifically, devoted and self-sacrificing mothers—who gum up the works of statist control in a society. Her crime is forging bonds of love, the self-sacrificing kind that don’t mix with big government schemes. Worse, when she forges these bonds within the context of a marriage covenant with the child’s father, she is exponentially more hazardous to the centralized state.

Those bonds give the child a sense of stability and purpose. The child can see before his eyes the answer to his first existential question: “Where did I come from?” But what really makes Big Brother go ballistic is when the little mothers actually instill in their children a sense of belonging and unique purpose in the universe. Yes, religion. This develops strength of spirit. When people learn to call on a force of goodness—i.e., to pray—they are better emotionally equipped to resist Big Brother’s tactics to isolate them. A strong and healthy faith also helps the child to learn to detect and discern deceptions.

A healthy mother-child bond anchors and stabilizes children. It imbues them with a sense of security to go forth and explore the world and make friends. This is very bad for the grievance industry of central control. These bonds of loyalty produce a sense of joy. They end up unleashing innovation and industry, which the child then broadcasts into the greater community as an adult. This creates prosperity and well-being, also very bad omens for the statist.

Every mother-child bond is unique, as well. In the context of family, every child experiences different influences growing up: different ideas, a different set of relatives, different traditions, different attitudes, different perspectives. It’s all very de-centralizing to power. Good for the child. Bad for the impersonal Big Brother state.

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  1. DHscott says:

    This has already happened all over US. Ever look up sex offenders? Many are scary folk. Many are Dads who acted innapropriately by some regulator’s standard and removed from a family. A father who fell asleep getting his 6 yr old girl to fall asleep? Attempted sexual assault. Done. The life time branding he has helps to break the provider / protector bond since he can’t get a job or even see his child. Many similar parent removals are for some kind of abuse, the application of which is wholly unregulated.

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