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Posted By on April 6, 2013


For a devout Christian family who sought refuge in the U.S. from Germany when they were persecuted for teaching their children at home, their days of asylum may be coming to an end. HSLDA and others are trying to help and so can you by telling Attorney General Eric Holder and the White House you’re taking a stand for the freedom to home school you love and for Romeike family.

Read what Focus one the Family’s spokesman and Truth Project founder, Dr. Del Tackett had to say:

“[The U.S. government] doesn’t believe that parents have a right to educate their children,” Tackett said. “It is more in line with the National Education Association that homeschooling shouldn’t be allowed. It believes that the government can best educate ‘America’s children.’ It doesn’t want another worldview taught in this country. It wants America’s children to have one worldview and one worldview only.”

Sign the White House petition by clicking here.

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