Generation Cool: Self-obsessed Millennials having so much fun

Posted By on June 25, 2013

“Everyone’s sort of mentally obese,” explains Fuchs, commenting on the overload of images and possibilities we are exposed to every day online. “I feel like distraction has a big part to do with our generation’s story.”

via Generation Cool: Self-obsessed Millennials having so much fun.

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2 Responses to “Generation Cool: Self-obsessed Millennials having so much fun”

  1. Hobbit says:

    Actually, the problem is closer to home than that; I have watched a lot of worship videos over the years, and like them, but it’s dawned on me since that /all/ the people in them which you see in closeup, are young, “cool”, very good-looking (men as well as women), well-dressed – and there’s absolutely no-one in them over 35, as far as I can tell. Thots?

  2. irisT says:

    I donot see this in my surroundings…. I see hard working young man. Working their way through college. I do see some in church though. But they are sons and daughters of wealthy parents..

    I Quess that is the difference. If you donot have to work, why would you.

    @ hobbit… it can get worse than that. My girl got a “worship for kids dvd” by kids crew for her birthday. I guess they were aiming to please non believing dads to, because the beautifull songs were danced on by girls 16-18 who were so “dressed”that my 3 year old son asked “mommy, why do i see teir unnerwear(underwear)” . No need to say it was out of the house pronto…

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