Kids want to hear about life and love from parents

Posted By on October 3, 2011

Another great piece from Carolyn Moynihan at Mercatornet:

It is complusory for New Zealand schools to provide sex education, but the programme is up to each school and is supposed to be worked out in consultation with the parent community. Parents can withdraw their children from classes. However, it is clear that parents do not know the half of what is presented in some programmes.

Of course, education about sex is the parent’s task first and foremost, and when I looked at research I had filed, it was clear that parents recognise this. Moreover, their kids want to hear it from them — and, it is more effective coming from them when done properly….

These important topics, involving values and individual differences, are clearly best dealt with in ongoing, one-to-one conversations between parent and child. It is what parents and children want. As a matter of principle, parents are the first educators of their children, especially in everything to do with values, morality and the formation of a child’s character. And, anyway, the evidence shows they are more effective.

Click HERE to read the full op-ed Carolyn wrote for an NZ paper (which they declined to print). Not for very young readers, but definitely important for parents!

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  1. I was subjected to sex ed in 8th grade in a private school (the rest of my educational years I was homeschooled) and I will never forget it! How awkward to sit in a classroom learning about all this crazy stuff and then have to walk out into the hallway and face all those boys who suddenly seemed very different and frightening. My mom talked to me about sex prior to that of course, but the classroom environment surrounded by peers was completely different. I would never allow my children to be in that type of environment. I’m grateful to homeschool so that sexual issues and topics can be addressed/discussed and prayed over as they come up day by day. That’s all kids need! =)

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