Event: Western Civilization and the Crown Rights of Jesus Christ

Posted By on August 7, 2015


Is this the end of Christian civilization? No! What is happening to our culture? We have been witnessing a massive moral and spiritual decline even during our lifetime. Is this the end of America? Are we perhaps even witnessing the downfall of the Christian West? Is this the end of Christian civilization? Many Christians are helpless and hopeless in light of the decline of Christianity in our country and doomsday-preachers work non-stop to capitalize on this crisis while the most important questions are being neglected: Isn’t there any hope? Can we do anything to reverse this trend? This is what this conference is about. There is hope and there is much we can do to further the Kingdom even in the light of such fierce opposition. Christ’s claim is on the whole world and He will succeed. Come with your family and be encouraged!

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