If Only I Were A Man

Posted By on October 4, 2013

Throwing off womanhood, living contrary to God’s design, seeking out solutions by man’s devices… the pursuit of manly dominion by feminism or manly physique, as this woman sought as an answer, exposes the perverseness of our hearts and never ends well. It is the sad story once again of hating the image of God. But it raises some questions, ‘Is rebellion really just a cry for love?” and “Is there no escaping a sordid, tragic end like  this one, when raised in a unloving environment?”

BELGIUM – A Belgian woman died by lethal injection this week after she requested to be euthanized following a sex-change operation.

Nancy Verhelst, 44, known in recent years as Nathan, cited “unbearable psychological suffering” as the reason for her death wish. She had received hormone therapy in 2009, as well as a mastectomy and other surgeries, in her pursuit to transform from female to male.

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