Last day to vote for the Morning Center!

Posted By on October 28, 2012

UPDATED 10/31/2012: Please vote today!

From Kim Coghlan over at Life in a Shoe:

Most pro-life people don’t often have an opportunity to put real legs to their pro-life commitments just by sitting at the computer, but for the next few days you can do something with Facebook and with your computer that is a real and tangible way to advance the pro-life cause.  The Morning Center, a pregnancy distress ministry of Samaritan Ministries, is in a contest to win $50,000.  With this money, they will equip a mobile maternity care unit to bring free prenatal care to low-income, inner city Memphis mothers who desperately need quality prenatal care to learn how to care for themselves and their growing babies. These mobile maternity care units will be uniquely suited to serving these women by bringing quality maternity care into the poorest neighborhoods. By operating with unconventional afternoon and evening hours, MMCUs will make it easy for mothers to get prenatal care.

You can help by voting for the Morning Center every day for the rest of October.  Voting is easy, and takes just a few seconds.

Step 1: Click the link.
(this won’t work on most smartphones, or in FB apps…you’ll need a tablet/PC/laptop and an up-to-date browser)

Step 2: Click the blue, “LOGIN TO VOTE” button.

Step 3: Log in with Facebook in the popup box (this is the part that doesn’t work on most smartphones or the app).

Step 4: It will flash back to the Morning Center cause page and the button will now be gray and say “UNDO VOTE.”  Don’t click the button!  Wait for the “thank you for voting” page to make sure your vote has been counted! (see the Morning Center FB page for a pic of what this page looks like)

If you are under 21 years of age, you cannot vote. You can still make a big difference though by sharing this link and instructions with older friends. Your support in praying for us is crucial, though voting for you is not allowed. Don’t forget to like The Morning Center on FB!

Pray. Vote. Share. Believe.

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  1. Thanks for much for plugging our efforts! If every reader here votes for The Morning Center it will go a long way towards helping women in need in Memphis.

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