National Review: Putting Women in Combat Is an Even Worse Idea Than You’d Think

| July 15, 2015

The Services, especially the Army, have expanded the military occupational specialties (MOS) open to women purely as a part of the social concern for equality and have only paid lip service to combat readiness. . . . The Army’s own research indicates that the vast majority of women do not possess the lean mass necessary to meet the strength […]

Man Faces 6 Months in Jail for Disagreeing with Feminists’ Double Standard on Twitter

| July 15, 2015

[Editor’s note: It’s even more astonishing since the feminists harassed someone else online, prompting Elliot’s comment, and openly deny responsibility.] What’s believed to be the first case in Canada of alleged criminal harassment-via-Twitter is just a judge’s decision away from being over. After hearing closing submissions Tuesday from Chris Murphy, who represents 54-year-old Greg Elliott, […]

Achieving Feminist Class Consciousness

| July 10, 2015

By Carey Roberts Originally published here Oct. 6, 2004 Radical feminism can be traced back directly to Marxism-Leninism. The feminist ideology, framework, and utopian aspirations all have their origin in the writings of Karl Marx and Frederick Engels (see this article).  Sometime visit the Women and Marxism website. There you can read exactly what V.I. Lenin, Joseph […]

Homosexual Battle Plans Revealed: Destroy Marriage

| July 1, 2015

“It’s a no-brainer that (homosexual activists) should have the right to marry, but I also think equally that it’s a no-brainer that the institution of marriage should not exist. …(F)ighting for gay marriage generally involves lying about what we are going to do with marriage when we get there — because we lie that the […]

Mercatornet: Sorry, feminism is not about choice

| June 21, 2015

[Editor’s Note: Feminism will never understand womanhood until it leaves of (read ‘repents’) it’s self-focus (read ‘feminism’) and looks to God (‘nature’ as she puts it), what He created in woman, what he planned for her well-being and future (that which ultimately gives direction and design by limiting her ‘freedom’). We’ve for years worked to […]

Feminism Gives Birth To Demon Ideologies

| June 2, 2015

[Editor’s Note: As women, we are the mothers of society. We’re teachers. We’re molders. What we think and embrace, how we philosophize and our conclusions endorsed, encouraged, and lived out, become commonplace for the next generation; they become reality. No, we’re not gods, but our influence is powerfully enabling, for better or for worse. Feminist fore-mothers brought us […]

An Interview With Rosaria Butterfield

| May 25, 2015

[S]ince the age of twenty-eight, I had lived in monogamous lesbian relationships and politically supported LGBT causes. I coauthored Syracuse University’s first successful domestic partnership policy while working there as a professor of English and women’s studies. I was terrified to aliate on any level with a worldview that called me, my life, my community, my […]

Bible & Constitution Sexist? Defense Dept Says So

| May 24, 2015

I’m not sure why the Defense Department cares anything about the Bible and Constitution, or the Declaration of Independence, since our government doesn’t pay attention to any of them. The Daily Caller reports: “Those three cherished texts all count as ‘historical influences that allow sexism to continue,’ according to a presentation prepared by the Defense […]

First Things: If Women Ran The World

| March 28, 2015

[Editor’s Note: Making an idol of family is to place creation above the creator. This is as poor a solution as idolizing women, i.e. feminism. Eberstadt is mistaken. Creation does testify of a creator but the Creator came first. Scripture plainly states, In the beginning God…God created the family. The family didn’t create God; it also doesn’t create faith […]

Feminism, Homosexuality and the Church: How the New Christian Left is twisting the Gospel

| March 17, 2015

[Editor’s Note: The publishing of this article is not an endorsement of the leaders mentioned this article.] My parents will tell you that even though I was raised in church, I morphed into a full-fledged feminist, told my parents they were ignorant for not endorsing homosexuality and bought into the distorted social justice rhetoric that […]

Feminism Must Be Banished to Save the Family

| March 11, 2015

Diane Core, NY I WHOLEHEARTEDLY support Erin Pizzey’s views on how feminism is undermining family life (Mail). <–Link Warning, Mature Readers Only, Explicit sidebar, I was one of the people (who went with Erin (who opened the world’s first refuge for battered women) when we confronted the feminists in the Chiswick Refuge for the first time. […]

Review: The Monstrous Regiment of Women

| March 7, 2015

In their documentary,  The Monstrous Regiment of Women, Colin and Emily Gunn have produced an incredible, well-researched, articulate, and powerful expose’ of feminism, its agenda, and its far-reaching, destructive influence on society. They do not just dwell on the negative, however, but give hope by standing firmly on God’s Holy Word and revealing His high […]

Western Culture, ISIS, and the Longings of the Heart

| March 6, 2015

Kadiza Sultana, Amira Abase, and Shamima Begum seemed like three typical teenage girls; they grew up in normal middle-class families, went to high school at an academy in London, and enjoyed spending time with their friends at the mall. Then they made headlines in news outlets worldwide when they left their country and their families […]

5 Myths to Let Die in 2015

| March 6, 2015

Feminist Christina Hoff Sommers sets Feminism straight. If we’re genuinely committed to improving the circumstances of women, we need to get the facts straight. Much of what we hear about the plight of American women is false. Some faux facts have been repeated so often they are almost beyond the reach of critical analysis. Though […]

Super Women vs Superwoman

| February 17, 2015

[Editor’s note: There will always be women who strive to succeed at the highest level. That is why it is important that we understand the jurisdiction God gave women and all the things within that jurisdiction that she can put her hand to, excel, and prosper at. Ask yourself, “Who are the real producers?” Much […]